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A Compendium of Bible Words


The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE)
James Orr, M.A., D.D., General Editor - 1915


American Tract Society Bible Dictionary
New York, American Tract society [c1859], Rand, W. W. (William Wilberforce), 1816-1909, ed.

HAGARENES OR HAGARITES: 1Ch 5:10,20, descendant of Hagar and Ishmael. In Ps 83:6, the name seems to be given to a distinct portion of the Ishmaelites.

Easton Bible Dictionary
M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., published by Thomas Nelson, 1894.

HAGARENE: or Hagarite. (1.) One of David's mighty men (1 Chr. 11:38), the son of a foreigner. (2.) Used of Jaziz (1 Chr. 27:31), who was over David's flocks. "A Hagarite had charge of David's flocks, and an Ishmaelite of his herds, because the animals were pastured in districts where these nomadic people were accustomed to feed their cattle." (3.) In the reign of Saul a great war was waged between the trans-Jordanic tribes and the Hagarites (1 Chr. 5), who were overcome in battle. A great booty was captured by the two tribes and a half, and they took possession of the land of the Hagarites. Subsequently the "Hagarenes," still residing in the land on the east of Jordan, entered into a conspiracy against Israel (comp. Ps. 83:6). They are distinguished from the Ishmaelites.

Hitchcock Bible Names Dictionary
from "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible," published in the late 1800's.

Smith's Bible Dictionary (1896)

HAGARENES, HAGARITES: (named after Hagar), a people dwelling to the east of Palestine, with whom the tribes of Reuben made war in the time of Saul. (1ch 5:10,18-20) The same people, as confederate against Israel, are mentioned in (ps 83:6) It is generally believed that they were named after Hagar, and that the important town and district of Hejer , on the borders of the Persian Gulf, represent them.

Thompson Chain Topics
Frank Thompson's 1934 "The New Chain-Reference Bible". Copyright May 24 1934.

The New Topical Textbook
Rev. R.A. Torrey- 1897 edition.