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A Compendium of Bible Words


The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE)
James Orr, M.A., D.D., General Editor - 1915

CONTENT; CONTENTMENT: kon-tent', kon-tent'-ment (ya`al; arkeo): To be free from care because of satisfaction with what is already one's own. The Hebrew means simply "to be pleased." The Greek brings out the full force of the word in 1Ti 6:8; Heb 13:5. Contentment (1Ti 6:6) is more inward than satisfaction; the former is a habit or permanent state of mind, the latter has to do with some particular occurrence or object.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary
New York, American Tract society [c1859], Rand, W. W. (William Wilberforce), 1816-1909, ed.

Easton Bible Dictionary
M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., published by Thomas Nelson, 1894.

CONTENTMENT: a state of mind in which one's desires are confined to his lot whatever it may be (1 Tim. 6:6; 2 Cor. 9:8). It is opposed to envy (James 3:16), avarice (Heb. 13:5), ambition (Prov. 13:10), anxiety (Matt. 6:25, 34), and repining (1 Cor. 10:10). It arises from the inward disposition, and is the offspring of humility, and of an intelligent consideration of the rectitude and benignity of divine providence (Ps. 96:1, 2; 145), the greatness of the divine promises (2 Pet. 1:4), and our own unworthiness (Gen. 32:10); as well as from the view the gospel opens up to us of rest and peace hereafter (Rom. 5:2).

Hitchcock Bible Names Dictionary
from "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible," published in the late 1800's.

Smith's Bible Dictionary (1896)

Thompson Chain Topics
Frank Thompson's 1934 "The New Chain-Reference Bible". Copyright May 24 1934.

CONTENT-DISCONTENT: (A) CONTENTMENT, the duty of Pr 15:16; Lu 3:14; Php 4:11; 1Ti 6:6,8; Heb 13:5 --SEE Spiritual Rest, REST Quietness, QUIETNESS (B) DISCONTENT, Complaints of Men to God Job 10:1; 23:2; Ps 55:2; 77:3; 142:2 --SEE Faultfinding, UNCHARITABLENESS Apparent Injustice, INJUSTICE (C) MURMURING (1) Condemned Pr 19:3; Isa 29:24; La 3:39; Joh 6:43; 1Co 10:10; Php 2:14 (2) Examples of Ex 14:11; 15:24; 16:2; 17:3; Nu 11:1; 14:27; 20:3; 21:5 Ps 77:3; Jude 1:16 --SEE Despondency, DESPONDENCY Faultfinding, UNCHARITABLENESS Apparent Injustice, INJUSTICE (D) DISSATISFACTION with the Sinful Life De 32:32; Ec 2:11; 2:18; Isa 8:21; 44:20 --SEE Unrest, UNREST No Peace, UNREST Misery, MISERY Disappointment, DISAPPOINTMENT

The New Topical Textbook
Rev. R.A. Torrey- 1897 edition.

CONTENTMENT: - With godliness is great gain Ps 37:16; 1Ti 6:6 - SAINTS SHOULD EXHIBIT . In their respective callings 1Co 7:20 . With appointed wages Lu 3:14 . With what things they have Heb 13:5 . With food and raiment 1Ti 6:8 - God's promises should lead to Heb 13:5 - The wicked want Isa 5:8; Ec 5:10 - Exemplified . Barzillai 2Sa 19:33-37 . Shunammite 2Ki 4:13 . David Ps 16:6 . Agur Pr 30:8,9 . Paul Php 4:11,12