the Corner-Stone

Christian Reference Materials


Please Note:

Presented here are reference books that were written as study aids for the King James Version, the Revised Version, and the American Standard Version of the Bible.

While it would be better to objectively present facts and ideas, some material that is found in modern day texts tends to be slanted toward's the author(s) own beliefs. :o(

It is imperative that you begin your study of the Bible by asking the Holy Spirit for His guidance and teaching. Read with an open mind for truth. God will reward you.

If you are not searching for truth, then what are you doing? It would be better not to waste your time. God will not be pleased.

Read the Bible prayerfully and study it well. You will grow very close to God. The Bible is God's Word. God will speak to you through His Word.

Presented here are essential Bible study resources and tools that will help you gain depth in your understanding of Truth. It is a growing resource of important books for Bible study and personal growth.

So... if you're going to study the Bible, then use the best resources you can get.